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Dog Comedy Duo SKy Blue & TUXN too!

“ONLY FOOLS and DOGS love blindly,” says Tuxn Dog the talking Cane Corso.

Tuxn Dog is a Cane Corso dog AKA Tuxn Cat, as she identifies as a black panther cub born in a tuxedo. Her forte in life is talking on dog talking buttons. Tuxn often starts her conversations with her AI Gizmo (talking button) that says “Cat wants.” By Feb 2024, at a year old, she was up to 70+ dog talking buttons. And 600+ videos

I am Sky Blue, my Cane Corso dog Tuxn’s owner and trainer.

Us dog lover’s all try to train our dogs using a calm, yet assertive voice and add body language, (whether we know it or not.) But dogs train us. First telepathically, and then add their voice and/or body language to get their messages across to us. If we take the time to listen and act on the message, our dogs get their wants and needs met. Sometimes our dogs just take things into their own paws without asking. We have no idea until the TV channel suddenly changes…and guess who’s sitting on the remote control?🤣

But kidding aside…I love being my (narcissistic) dog Tuxn’s bellhop, maid, servant, chef, doorman, chauffeur, sports trainer, dog walker, English teacher, nurse, videographer, producer, director, co-star, acting coach, speech coach, stage manager, makeup artist, wardrobe designer, groomer, spokeswoman, artist manager, business director, webmaster, banker, purchasing agent, sales agent, foreign ambassador, investment advisor, press agent, playmate, and dog trainer. Oh, did I forget something? Yes…I love being her mama foremost of all.💃 I am a fool for Tuxn and love her blindly, and Tuxn certainly loves me blindly.

Sky Blue Monkeying Around on Stage with 'Jeff Chaz New Orleans Blues Man

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